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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ok just to clear up a little confusion about the colts and the titans.
The Colts last year beat the titans twice and got farther than them in the play offs. Also the titans are losing their best defencive lineman and wide reciever. The Colts are keeping Harison, the best reciever in the NFL, Manning, the best quarter back in the NFL, Freeny, the best Defencive end in the AFC, James the best Half Back in the AFC, and we are getting some new line backers so that's all i have to say about that
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well i don't write much so i decided to write on blogging

blogging is great
unless you get stuck on your template
fixing others is fun too
its what i do after school
its a good at wasting time
time is a hard thing to rime
well i got to get some projects done
so have fun
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Monday, May 03, 2004

Steph is a reall cool person too. She finally made an ally-oop with me (after a few tries). And she is a great person to have when you have trouble with your blog. She is fun to hang out with or if you need to know what she thinks about a certain person in your class (thanks steph haha). She has a really cool cell phone cover (ask her about it sometime). She also is a great person.
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My sister Rachel is one of the coolest people. She is really creative if you have ever seen any of her school master pieces. Also she is a great person to have around when you need to go to wally world real quick like. She always is there if you need it and always will listen. (no matter how stupid haha) She is a great person.
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