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Saturday, September 20, 2003


It's a thing you say to one another,
I even say it to my brother, (wait I don't have a brother, who cares)
It's a word in my vocabulary that I never lack,
Most often it is said to you back,
It's a very useful word,
Even to a Nerd, (I won't say any names)
you can even say it to a tub of lard,
now I have to mow the yard

posted at 4:13 PM

Mr. H is the best p.e. and study hall teacher in the world

Mr. H is the best,
As you might have guessed,
He has a huge mug,
In which he has Mountain Dew to chug,
But its bad when you talk too much,
Because then you will have to run a bunch,
He is the funniest teacher there
To anyone would I dare to compare
From study hall
To P.E. basketball
He's the best

posted at 8:17 AM

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